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Стипендії на участь в літній школі в Осло Избранное

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Міжнародна літня школа в Осло щороку проводить курси бакалаврського та магістерського рівнів,  пропонуючи близько 50 стипендій, що покривають вартість участі. Українські учасники також можуть подавати заявки. Дедлайн - 1 лютого 2018 р. (далі - англ.).

Більше тренінгів у розділі Тренінги.

The ISS is a learning community of diverse students who come together to study, interact and increase understanding and good will between nations. This requires friendliness, frankness and tolerance among all involved.

Every summer, from late June to early August, we welcome over 550 students from about 90 countries.

Mission statement

The ISS is an academic center for learning in an international context, and a forum for fostering intercultural understanding. It aims at developing and conveying knowledge and at promoting understanding between people from different cultures. This dual purpose is reflected in the ISS motto: "Six Weeks of Academic Achievement and International Good Will".

The ISS is proud to be part of the University of Oslo, which is the oldest university in Norway. It was founded in 1811 and is the largest university in the country with a student population of slightly less than 30,000. The Blindern campus is located in pleasant surroundings, ten minutes from the city center by subway-to-surface rails and only minutes away from the lakes and wooded hills of Nordmarka. 

What are we looking for?

To be a successful ISS scholarship recipient, you must demonstrate:

  • that your academic background is relevant to the course you apply for (see course descriptions for more information)
  • that your professional background is relevant to the course you apply for
  • your financial need


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