Goals and tasks

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The purpose of the center: the development of a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in accordance with Ukraine and Canada’s common interests in developing academic and cultural programs.
The main activities of the center:
language training of the students and staff of the University, as well as concerned representatives of the academic circles of Kharkiv;
establishment of fruitful academic relations between the University and other Kharkiv higher education institutions and the scientific, educational and cultural institutions in Canada;
promotion of Ukrainian-Canadian educational programs, the implementation of bilateral projects in the field of academic exchanges, grants and scientific research;
assistance in holding promotional and informational exhibitions of educational services of the University and Kharkiv higher education institutions in Canada and vice versa.
From September 2013 Kharkiv national university of municipal economy named after O.M.Beketov has been providing various English courses based on SMRT on-line studying curriculum designed by Canadian College of English Language.
Currently a few educational courses in English are being prepared with the usage of materials provided by Canadian universities.
The center is also planning the exchange of students and teachers on short term with a view to learning and sharing experience.
Hopefully, establishment of the center will contribute to more dynamic and efficient relationships between universities in Canada and the city of Kharkiv and the region.


 Утвержденный план совместных мероприятий Профсоюзного комитета студентов, ХНУГХ им. А.Н. Бекетова и украино - канадского культурно - образовательного центра
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