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"Business incubator for students, teachers and business" Project
Students and postgraduates repeatedly think about starting their own business, feeling the strength and inspiration to realize their business projects. But huge potential of small and medium business is not realized due to lack of experience and because of other reasons. That is why the University along with Foundation PAUCI (Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation) creates the business incubator to solve these issues.
In May 2013 O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy in Kharkiv started the "Business incubator for students, teachers and business" project. Polish and Ukrainian experts presented the plans for the project, which will last until the end of 2014.
Target audience: students, young faculty and postgraduates of the University.
The purpose of a business incubator is:
To assist in the organization of own business, from the idea to profit and development of a company. Students, who have a business idea, now can get the following free services:
1. Help in creating firms/companies for students, young teachers and university graduates, particularly using innovative technologies.
2. Support for the activities of established firms/companies until they reach a stable position in the market.
3. Promoting entrepreneurship in the academic environment.
4. Advices and trainings from experts of business-incubator.
5. Trainings.
Areas, in which business plans will be supported and financed:
1. Companies development and housing services (apartment buildings, urban management, technology, service sector, etc.).
2. Technologies, services and approaches towards energy saving of buildings and utility networks.
3. Managing the residential and commercial property, technical operation.
Energy saving construction, environmental waste management and recycling, reducing energy consumption.
Stages of the project implementation:
I. The competitive selection of the descriptions of business ideas, that will form the basis of the future business plan (to September 23, 2013).
II. Interview with the authors of the most realistic business ideas (9-10 October 2013).
Training visit to Poland for 10 days. Participants will be able to get familiar with similar and related business sectors in Poland, which are the basis of their business ideas (November 2013.).
IV. Completion and submission of business plans (December 2013).
V. Selection of 5 business plans (December 2014).
Start financing (20 000 UAH) and implementation of business plans (Spring 2014).
Information about the work of business incubator you can get:
The University, audience 410"
цк", 4th floor - the center of international activity and education; on our website and on

To take part in the first stage of the contest you must fill out the registration form and describe your business idea.


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Проект реализуется благодаря партнерству Международной организации "Фонд польско-украинского сотрудничества ПАУСИ", ХНУМГ им. А.Н. Бекетова, Академии Горно-Металлургической в Кракове (AGH), общественной организации «Европейский Институт недвижимости» (Краков, Польша). Проект финансируется Министерством иностранных дел Польши, внедряется Фундацией ПАУСИ и ХНУМГ имени  А. Н. Бекетова
 *Презентационный материал по результатам первого семинара проекта "Инструменты поддержки академического предпринимательства"



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