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22-я ежегодная конференция NISPAcee 2014 Избранное

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Dear Colleagues,
We would like to remind you about the approaching deadline for the applications with the paper proposals for:  

22nd NISPAcee Annual Conference "Government vs. Governance in Central and Eastern Europe”, May 22-24, 2014 / Budapest, Hungary.

The conference is organized under the auspices of Tibor Navracsics, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Public Administration and Justice. The event is organized in cooperation with Corvinus University of Budapest, Budapest, Hungaryand National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary.

Paper proposals are invited on:

Main conference theme

General sessions

Sessions of twelve Working Groups:

I. Working Group on Local Government

II. Working Group on e-Government

III. Working Group on Civil Service

IV. Working Group on Public Administration Reform

V. Working Group on Internationalization and Networking of Public Administration Studies and Civil Servant's Training Systems

VI. Working Group on Public finance and public finance management

VII. Working Group on Public Policy Analysis Development Issues

VIII. Working Group on Public Administration Education

IX. Working Group on Local Public Policies

X. Working Group on Good Governance, Human Rights and Development

XI. Public Administration During Transition, Change and Uncertainty

XII. Administration and Management of Internal Security Agencies  
Panels on:

Islamic Public Administration

Max Weber and Public Administration Today

Joint ASPA-NASPAA-NISPAcee Study Group on Cutback Management

Governance of Territories and Regional Development: Best Concepts and Practices  

In addition there are planned several special presentations and panels, focusing on the main conference theme, EAPAA, projects implemented in the region, and other interesting issues for academia and practice in the field. Several special sessions will focus on the current hot topics of PA practice in CEE to be explored and discussed with practitioners within the Colloquium for Practitioners.

The Invitation and Calls for Paper Proposals are available on the Conference page: www.nispa.org/conference2014

The On-line application link is available on www.nispa.org/conference2014/application

DEADLINE for applications: October 15, 2013

Online registration for the annual conference will be opened in December 2013.

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