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Стипендіальна програма Alpbach - стань частиною європейського Фестивалю ідей!

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Розширте свої горизонти та відвідайте Європейський форум Alpbach 2017 (Австрія) року як студент. Пориньте в пізнавальне середовище з новими ідеями, новими способами мислення і можливостями для нових контактів.
Далі інформація викладається англійською мовою.
Young participants are an integral part of the European Forum Alpbach. Each year, the Forum welcomes more than 700 students and graduates whose attendance is enabled by our extensive scholarship programme. Aside from their critical spirit and contributions to discussions, they also organise an entertaining and challenging social programme and are involved in the bodies and advisory boards of the Forum via the Forum Alpbach Network.

Two different routes can take you to an Alpbach scholarship
You can apply directly via the European Forum Alpbach Foundation or via the Forum Alpbach Network.
  • The European Forum Alpbach awards scholarships via its eponymous Foundation and partner organisations. The Foundation’s scholarship programme is aimed at international applicants and will start on February 20 with an online tool (all Austrian applicants please refer to the members of the Forum Alpbach Network). Find out more
  • The Clubs and Initiative Groups of the Forum Alpbach Network award scholarships to applicants from Austria and all countries in which they are active. Most Clubs already opened their call for applications. Find out more
There are also a small number of scholarships available for the Professional Programme on European Health Care. Please note: If you apply for the Professional Programme you can’t apply simultaneously for any other scholarhip.

Possibilites for Returners/Former Scholarship Holders
Returners/Former Scholarhip holders are also invited to participate at the Forum. You can apply as Seminar Assistant, as an Alpbach Buddy or register for the “Coming Home Days”. Please find out more here.
Applications for scholarships from the European Forum Alpbach Foundation will be accepted from February 20 to March 31, 2017.
Meanwhile please check out all the other scholarship possibilities through your local Alpbach Club or Initiative Group. You can find the full list here.


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